itBandz V2.0

Comes with the advanced ultra-flexible new back strap and industrial strength Velcro. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable knee brace you will ever wear.
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itBandz V2.0

ItBandz Knee Brace

I have had lots of snaps and crackles in on left need and even using salves and ointments I still had issues.
When I use them with the knee brace, I hardly have an issues and seems to support my leg as well. Thank you

Excellent results

Wear both when playing golf. No pain.

Good braces but need to fix that velcro strap

It seems to do the trick, but they need to make the band in back wider where the velcro sticks on. All they need to do is sew the velcro on a wider softer strap so that the scratchy velcro does not dig in to your leg behind your knee. Very annoying.

Seems to help stablize my knee

I bought this because part of my knee is bone on bone and the knee slips with some sudden movements. This seems to help to stabilize the knee and helped with my pain when running errands.


Non-Slip Comfort

Use of a special neoprene provides a comfortable wearing experience.

Tension control

The fastening system lets you easily adjust and control the amount of tension that the band provides you so that you can get the stability and support that is right for you.

The bump goes up

The molded rubber insert piece mirrors the natural structure of the knee

Endorsed by Physical Therapists

Physical therapists love how itBandz assist in protecting your knee joints / kneecaps from stress and strain - so you can stay active and mobile.

Perfect for active men and women of all ages

itBandz effectively alleviate the discomfort caused by IT Band Syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis, Osgood Schlatters, other chronic knee issues due to excess weight, previous surgeries, a torn or thinning meniscus, and ACL, hip or ankle injuries.

itBandz absorb impact, assisting and offloading the meniscus to alleviate pain from Arthritis

If you suffer from arthritis and thinning cartilage (bone on bone) the tension from itBandz allows the internal support piece to gently lift the patella and act as an additional shock absorber for the knee.

itBandz stabilize the knee, minimizing lateral motion caused by IT Band Syndrome

The knee joint is a hinge and should only track forward and backward. Lateral motion can be introduced when tendons and ligaments get injured or overly tight from IT Band Syndrome. When these happen, the knee is pulled out of alignment and requires the additional stability provided by itBandz.

itBandz provide compression on the patellar tendon to alleviate Tendonitis

If you have tendonitis, the compression on the patellar tendon reduces strain on the tendon and allows it to heal while easing pain and reducing inflammation.

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