get knee pain relief now

get knee pain relief now

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Hundreds of thousands of knees are moving painfree thanks to itBandz

Comfortable and effective, itBandz help you stay active and able to enjoy the things you love with the people you love. Check out our customer reviews and give itBandz a try!

customer reviews

Bio-engineered to provide focused pain relief

  • Offloads the meniscus and protects soft tissue
  • Alleviates knee pain caused by osteoarthritis (bone-on-bone), Osgood-Schlater’s and excess weight
  • Applies focused tension to the patella tendon
  • Stabilizes tendons and ligaments to reduce lateral motion
  • Provides support for previous injuries, Jumper’s/Runner’s Knee and IT Band Syndrome
  • Gets rid of tendonitis
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My knees did not agree with me, but these bands have totally helped with my running and biking! I love them and will probably use them forever!

Stephanie Clements
Triathlete, Florida, 34

Simply amazing. I have one bad knee that was so painful that I pretty much stopped hiking, but found with the itBandz on, my knee has the support it needs.

Shelley Coffey
Avid Hiker, Alberta, 57

I love this product. It gives me just the right support for my somewhat wonky knee. I would highly recommend it for all.

Susan Wolf
Active Retiree, Washington, 71

Meet our founder, Stacia, as she shows how easy it is to put on and wear itBandz

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