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itBandz Knee Brace
JoAnna Sams
Helps my knee pain

These do help my knee pain. I have arthritis in both knees and a meniscus injury in one. It hurts to stand and these help with that. I have larger legs and like this brand better because the strap in the back isn’t as wide as it’s softer.

I have rheumatoid in my knee and this band did not much good

Love it!

I had a stroke over a year ago and it affected my right side. I’ve purchased knee braces and other knee bands to try and help me with my walking and stability…and the itBandz is the best yet! Thanks so much. Pam L.

itBandz Knee Brace
Evelyn Webb

I have been wearing these bands on both knees for two days this far. Surprised that I re rived so much relief. As soon as you are able to offer more colors I will order two more. They are comfortable even though I have large knees. So happy I tried these.

itBandz Knee Brace
Holly Haight
This works!

Been wearing the itBandz for over a month now. First day had pain relief and every day since. (also take anti-inflammatories) I have really bad knees (bone on bone), have all the bells and whistles knee braces and contraptions also but for just every day walking and work (on my feet, climbing and crawling at times), these work very well for me. Certainly going to score another pair or two.

itBandz Knee Brace
Jan Simmons
Not comfortable

I tried these bands, as I have severe osteoarthritis in my left knee. Honestly, I didn't notice any improvement. Since my legs are chunky, the velcro behind my legs hurt, pinches & scratches my skin.

Maybe it's just me, but I'll be returning these.

So far so good

I have only worn the Bandz for two weeks. I am getting some relief but there is still some stiffness and pain.

itBandz Knee Brace
Teresa Corgill

Nothing more to say than the title of my review, except thank you.

itBandz Knee Brace
Judith Smith

They seem to be helping so far.

itBandz Knee Brace
Cynthia Byrd

It good be better. Still in pain while wearing the band.

itBandz Knee Brace
Kathleen Wargo

I take a regular anti inflammatory daily, can’t do pain pills. These bands gave my bone on bone arthritic knees relief almost instantly. I am so pleasantly surprised!! I was hopeful when I ordered but it exceeded my expectations.

Immediate relief!

Although your posts suggested that it could take a week or two to adjust to these bands, I am thrilled to report that, in my case, I had almost immediate relief! I am doing PT for an IT band injury, and this product was exactly what I needed to assist with healing. It really does make a noticeable difference (less pain, more flexibility) with IT band injuries, enabling me to walk and do my exercises more comfortably-which is helping me heal faster. Thank you to whoever developed this product!

itBandz Knee Brace
Kathi Davis
Great Profuct

This us comfortable and easy to use. My only issue is that I have to size down. I will be ordering another set.

Little knee band does a big job !

This non bulky and easy to use band does the job of a regular size brace !
I wear it to play tennis and it gives my knee support without being cumbersome.

itBandz Knee Brace
Michele Gavaletz

Need knee replacement surgery but until then these bands have definitely given me relief from the bone on bone pain. Not a cure but definite relief!


I was having trouble with my knees when walking down hills, stairs, etc. My Daughter told me about itBandz and how much they helped her. I bought one for both knees. Was very skeptical- just didn’t make sense that they could work. However they proved me wrong. First time using them on my long walk I was AMAZED at the difference they made. I can now enjoy my long walks without pain. Thank you for making this great product! ❤️

itBandz Knee Brace
Harriet Kelly
Helps me so much!

I have to take my little dog for a walk twice a day and before I had the ItBand, it was painful. Now with my Band, I can walk twice as far without pain. Thank you. (Penny thanks you, too)

itBandz Knee Brace
Carole Fraley
It helps!

This knee brace is small but mighty. It has helped me so much with meniscus pain and arthritic knee.

itBandz Knee Brace
Julie Booth
It Works!

I can’t believe how well this little thing works at taking away my knee pain! I’ve tried all the wraps and sleeves, with no luck. I wear this strap to elliptical and weight lift, and it keeps the pain at bay. Without it, pain level is an 8. With it. a zero or 1. I couldn’t work out without it. And still no pain later in the day when I take it off. I’m a believer!

itBandz Knee Brace
Pamala Cripps
100 miles a month

The itbadz is great I can walk with very little pain.

itBandz Knee Brace
susan abernathy
Really helps!

I’ve been told that I need a TKR. I have a lot of pain just below my knee so when I saw the itBandz ad it looked like it might be something that would help. So glad that I ordered one ( need to get another one)! It has help tremendously especially walking in downhill situations. Really gives the support that I need below the knee.
Thank you itBandz!!

itBandz Knee Brace
Donna Flick
I use them everyday

I've been wearing both bandz on my knee's for three weeks. My knee had been popping out 5 to 7 times a day, it down to zero! I started using a cane right before I ordered the bandz as my bone on bone had gotten so bad I could hardly get around. I now able to walk around my house with no cane and about a half a mile with my cane and bandz. That's huge for me. I've been telling everyone about them. I LOVE MY BANDZ.

itBandz Knee Brace
Gina Mauldin
Wonderful product!

It has been a week since using the knee braces. I have terrible arthritis in both knees and these have been a lifesaver! I highly recommend trying this product!


I wear 1 band on my left knee 24/7. My knee is painful stepping up & down even w it Band on. But I think the band gives support. Maybe it’s psychological but I feel more secure having it on.

Jury is still out

They fit as described. I am continuing to wear them and they do seem to help but some days I can't tell for sure.

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