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Love my itBandz Knee Braces.

I'm 68 years old, weigh 300 lbs, and was told 15 plus years ago I needed knee replacements. Started using itBandz Knee Braces 5 years ago and use them for golf (walking) They work great!

itBandz Knee Brace
Arthur Carvajal
The Best

The Bandz have helped me very much. I get the perfect support for my knees.

Purchased for wife, she doesn't like them. 😥

itBandz Knee Brace
Cheryl Zikmund

Great product

itBandz Knee Brace
cynthia Rapstad
Came back to order more

Not sure when I ordered my last set but I hadn't used in awhile and had that awful bone on bone on my leg again thought I need to find my it bandz. Couldn't find them at first and ordered another type and wore them one day and they were not the same as my it bandz. I am ordering 2 more sets so I have extras and if I go out without mine on I have a set at work. Even though the band is narrow it puts less pressure on my skin than the wider ones you see. Stays where I need it to be. My first set the velcro is not holding as strong but when I wore them before I wore them every day. At first I wear at night even to adjust my knee cap to stay up where it belongs and I don't have pain when getting out of bed and stepping onto the leg.

itBandz Knee Brace
Leah Houston
Knee pain

I like that it fits snug under ur knee altho does not support me in the way I need but a great product

itBandz Knee Brace
Rebecca Sifrit

Stretches to much when wearing

itBandz Knee Brace
Mary Watland
IBandz knee braces

I never thought that a band could ease the pain in my knee, but I was mistaken. I am now able to do some walking that was almost impossible before.

itBandz Knee Brace
Samantha Brown
This product is amazing

I have used several like knee braces. But these bands are the most amazing product created to help your knees! I can wear them all day and not have them bother me. I love how I can adjust them any way. Thank you so much for coming out with this to help me everyday.

itBandz Knee Brace
Darrell Anderson


itBandz knee braces

I have used these for years and ordered more. They certainly help with my arthritic knees so I can walk, function with little pain. These are the best!

Good product

I have bone on bone and this gives me extra support and reduces my pain. I could not keep a bulky brace on my leg and this works well and I forget it is there.

itBandz Knee Brace
Philip Mobley
Love them...

They are just the things that
Give my knee caps.....
Good tracking and support for any
activity on them...

itBandz Knee Brace
Alberta Simpson
Itz band

I love it, keeps my knee cap from moving sideways, so makes my steps stronger. Lost my meniscus front and back, less pain now.

Great product! The only brace I've found that helps with walking and knee pain! Easy to put on and not cumbersome.

itBandz Knee Brace
Cynthia Hercman
Very supportive. Wear it all the time

This is the third time I am reordering this brace. Happy I found a brace that is comfortable and not restricting.

itBandz Knee Brace
Nancy Mikkelsen
Gotta have my BANDZ!

I play a lot of pickleball and if I forget my BANDZ, my knees are killing me! I am unsure about the magic of them but they seem to prevent my knees from doing things they should not do. I started with them a year ago after a slight injury and I just replaced them with a new set (the velcro was wearing out). Best purchase ever to keep me on the courts! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

itBandz Knee Brace
Elana Leithold
Really helps!

I was skeptical, but the itBandz have really helped with my arthritic knee pain. I did find the Velcro a little irritating at first, but I trimmed it just a little and problem solved. Highly recommend.

itBandz Knee Brace
Bonnie Delmar
Love these!

I used to wear bulky knee braces that were hot and gave me weird tan lines.
They were also a hassle to put on and take off. Itbandz give me the support I need, without the bulk and they are super easy to put on and take off. I highly recommend this product!

Excellent Product

really helps with my weak knee. I wear them to plan tennis. Highly recommend.

itBandz Knee Brace
Sheila Kucala
Great product

Itbansz are a great product. And they stand behind their knee braces. Their customer service is wonderful. I highly recommend the knee braces.

Works great for knee support

Helps knee pain

itBandz Knee Brace
Amy Fraleigh
The best solution!

I'm about to order my 3rd pair of bandz (maybe 4th?). They've kept me moving for the last 4 or more years. I've got bone on bone arthritis in both knees, exercise 5 times a week, get shots in my knees 4 times a year, and these bands complete the trifecta that is allowing me to postpone knee replacement. "Motion is Lotion" is only possible with the stabilizing effect of this product.
My only complaint is the velcro is not very long lasting. With every pair, within a month I've had to sew on heavier duty velcro (just regular stuff from the fabric store). Within about a year the non velcro portion is kind of permanently creased and the band is no longer comfortable and needs to be replaced. Pretty good value, I think, for 10¢ a day. I sure wish there was a better velcro in use.

itBandz Knee Brace
Thomas Caivana

Work great. Pain is gone.

itBandz Knee Brace
Marcy Troescher
It sure helps me!

My knee is unstable due to arthritis, an accidental “tweak,” and age. I have used an It Band since last summer and I am able to get around practically normally. Without the band, I feel like the knee could give out. This little band is allowing me to live my life!

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