Off to teach in my wildest pants@! I never do a workout without my itBandz on to support my knee. Black is my color of the day.

Fitness Instructor, Nevada, 60

Simply amazing. I have one bad knee that was so painful that I pretty much stopped hiking, but found with the itBandz on, my knee has the support it needs.

Avid Hiker, Alberta, 57

My knees did not agree with me, but these bands have totally helped with my running and biking! I love them and will probably use them forever!

Triathlete, Florida, 34

I love this product. It gives me just the right support for my somewhat wonky knee. I would highly recommend it for all.

Active Retiree, Washington, 71

Very happy with my itBandz purchase! Used it for the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

Half Marathoner, Washington, 52

Knee pain used to keep me from walking my dog, but now when he looks at me and wags his tail I am ready to go!

Dog Lover, Oregon, 43

Wearing itBandz has allowed me to continue my kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do training, at a time when I thought I might have to stop pursuing my passion.

Black Belt, Washington, 48

My knee was really hurting when I played basketball so my mom had me try itBandz and this is good!

Club Basketball, Arizona, 14

I was extremely skeptical that itBandz would help with the arthritis in my knees, now I’ve gone 8 months without a cortisone shot!

Travel Enthusiast, New York, 78

I wear them every time I go out running and they give me the perfect amount of extra support I need for my knees!

Warrior, Washington, 31

itBandz Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Got to say! Been using mine on every bike ride and this thing actually works great! doesn’t move at all with thousands of Pedro strokes!

I have struggled with daily knee pain for the past year due to arthritis and recently diagnosed IT issues. I’m a Fedex driver and avid softball player, so I’m always on the go. I’ve tried all the gadgets, chiropractors, and medical massage. Nothing helped. I thought my softball career was over. Within an hour of putting the band on, I was pain free! I can’t thank you enough!

I have bad arthritis in my knees and I read about these and thought I would try them. I love them. My knee pain is less when wearing them and it feels more stable.

I wear mine everyday since I have a torn meniscus. It is so much better than any knee brace I own. I have 4 other kinds of knee braces and the ITbandz is my first choice!

Just got mine today and could instantly notice a difference. My knee had been sore all day and when I got home I put the band on and instantly experienced relief. anxious to try it tomorrow when my knee is fresh and refreshed. I definitely recommend this product.

I will admit I was skeptical when I first saw these, and only proceeded due to the 90-day money back guarantee. I bought 2 (itROYAL V2.0) since I have arthritis issues in both knees, and a partial replacement in 1. Other traditional knee braces I've tried over the years were too uncomfortable, and helped little or not at all. The ItBandz helped immediately, for me. The pain was just about completely gone, and I can walk "normal". The knees also feel more stable. Lastly, they are very comfortable, which is a bonus! I forget I'm even wearing them. I am not a runner or athlete, just use them around home and on errands. Definitely recommended, and there is that option to return if they don't help.

Wearing for 8-9 at my job as a nurse. Knee pain is much less and I don’t limp anymore. Can also go down stairs more easily. The bands are comfortable. Glad they come in a large size so do not pinch at all. Best brace I have used- thanks

I’ve been using ItBandz for over a year now. I have patella tendon issues when I run. They have helped me tremendously. Along with more strength training and wearing the bands I’ve been able to crush my goals running! ????? ?? thank you for helping me!

Absolutely love this. I have tendinitis in my knee and it's very painful. This helps during workouts and everyday activity. Very cute too.

My knee is finally healing!!! I couldn’t have packed, moved & unpacked without my itbandz. Ordering another one plus one for my sister. I love my itbandz!!!

Simply said.....they really do help with bone-on-bone knee pain! Have been wearing mine almost daily for over 6 months, especially when out & about. Sometimes I forget my knee ever hurt. I've even been able to cancel my last 2 appts with my orthopedic dr for an injection. Could do a happy dance

1st day 3 days ago.immediate difference in my gate and availability to lift myself from low lying chair.off to work major difference in,support from my hinge braces.most months time I had no know which I usually had with it without my braces.my coworkers even noticed I wasnt limping. I have more control of my foot plantation on elevating steps. How does it work.I put the band on with a fingers thickness underneath.I am,am nurse and my days are all over the place.it fwltnrwally good to feel securw in my movements for. ita been a very long time

This is the best brace I have worn and I have worn a wide variety trying to find one that stabilized my knee cap and was comfortable to run in. This brace is it. And my HSA paid for it, bonus.

I had knee surgery in April for 2 tears in my meniscus. I had 3 dvts and a blood clot in each lung afterwards. I never got physical therapy and had to have a hysterectomy before getting a clean bill of health. My surgeon never looked at my knee afterwards and then they cleared me to go back to work even with significant pain and swelling everyday. I’m back at work at a fire department struggling with knee pain. I’ve started working with a new physical therapist who told me my patella in both knees are flopping around like a pin ball. I found you guys and read the reviews etc. I put them on and immediately felt relief just sitting on the couch. I started crying when I got up to walk into the kitchen. I didn’t realize how much I have gotten used to my knee pain and clicking in my knees until it was gone! These are amazing! I have other patella straps and they are not comfortable to me. My PT started dancing around when I showed her these and told her how much better my pain was doing my pt.

RN on a busy telemetry floor, it is amazing how much better my knee feels due to this little band!

I’m a runner and used a knee sleeve. I bought the ItBandz Knee Brace and it gives much more support and comfort when running. I highly recommend this product!

Debbie Gosser Robbins Does it hurt in the back of the knee where the brace wraps around?

Ron Staroscsak Debbie Gosser Robbins as they said....you forget you are wearing it. This is the first brace I have worn That does not hurt behind the knee.

I had been wearing this big, bulky brace from the orthopedist and hobbled like a lame horse. Within 15 minutes of putting your itBandz on, I am walking normally with NO PAIN. My knee is completely stabilized. I am a RN with many years experience. I admit I was sceptical, but now I am a believer. Thank you so much for giving me back my mobility.

Wanted to let you know I have been using your product for about 3 weeks now. Thus far, I can safely say they are incredible. The pain I felt walking down stairs or hills on the golf course has been reduced by at least 90%. Doing squats now is much less painful and my range in the squat has increased. I can now squat with my quads parallel to the floor with a lot less pain. I have and will continue to recommend the bandz to anyone who has knee pain of any kind.

Have these and live them - they work better than any knee brace I have used before - not bulky not confining . Perfect

ItBandz Knee Brace Debbie Gosser Robbins thanks for your question! Most people who wear itBandz forget that they even have them on after the first five or ten minutes. They provide focused support and stability without the bulk of a large brace. Here is a customer quote …See More

They have helped tremendously.

I had my left knee scped and a miniscus tear cleaned up in January. I've been I pretty bad pain for a year and a half. Nothing really helped. I ordered itBandz our of despireation and am so glad I did! I walk over 10000 steps a night on a bare concrete floor at my job and my knee does not hurt!!! I can't beleive it but its true. I need to get one for the other knee as I had all the same problems 3 years ago. I just can't believe how well it works and my orthopedic surgeon says its fine to wear as it will not weaken the muscles as a big brace does! Love my itBandz!

I have been suffering with horrible knee pain for over a year now. I am a waitress and mom so I am always on the go. Some days I can't even walk . . . but yesterday I wore itBandz and for the first time I was actually able to run! Thank you!

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