Off to teach in my wildest pants@! I never do a workout without my itBandz on to support my knee. Black is my color of the day.

Fitness Instructor, Nevada, 60

Simply amazing. I have one bad knee that was so painful that I pretty much stopped hiking, but found with the itBandz on, my knee has the support it needs.

Avid Hiker, Alberta, 57

My knees did not agree with me, but these bands have totally helped with my running and biking! I love them and will probably use them forever!

Triathlete, Florida, 34

I love this product. It gives me just the right support for my somewhat wonky knee. I would highly recommend it for all.

Active Retiree, Washington, 71

Very happy with my itBandz purchase! Used it for the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

Half Marathoner, Washington, 52

Knee pain used to keep me from walking my dog, but now when he looks at me and wags his tail I am ready to go!

Dog Lover, Oregon, 43

Wearing itBandz has allowed me to continue my kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do training, at a time when I thought I might have to stop pursuing my passion.

Black Belt, Washington, 48

My knee was really hurting when I played basketball so my mom had me try itBandz and this is good!

Club Basketball, Arizona, 14

I was extremely skeptical that itBandz would help with the arthritis in my knees, now I’ve gone 8 months without a cortisone shot!

Travel Enthusiast, New York, 78

I wear them every time I go out running and they give me the perfect amount of extra support I need for my knees!

Warrior, Washington, 31

itBandz Reviews

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itBandz V2.0

ItBandz Knee Brace

I have had lots of snaps and crackles in on left need and even using salves and ointments I still had issues.
When I use them with the knee brace, I hardly have an issues and seems to support my leg as well. Thank you

Excellent results

Wear both when playing golf. No pain.

Good braces but need to fix that velcro strap

It seems to do the trick, but they need to make the band in back wider where the velcro sticks on. All they need to do is sew the velcro on a wider softer strap so that the scratchy velcro does not dig in to your leg behind your knee. Very annoying.

Seems to help stablize my knee

I bought this because part of my knee is bone on bone and the knee slips with some sudden movements. This seems to help to stabilize the knee and helped with my pain when running errands.

itBandz V2.0

Love these braces. For my dog agility practice and competitions I have throw away all of the big, bulky braces that still gave me pain in my hips at the end of the day. The pain is gone.

LUV LUV LUV the Band!!! I'm in banking and stand on my feet all day, My knee was swelling & couldn't bend it. After one week of wearing my Itbandz I could feel the difference. It gives strength to the knee and has kept my knee from swelling up.. Thanks for making my work days more comfortable !!!!!

Band runs smaller than I expected, even though I measured my knee. Had to exchange it


They alleviated the pain all day. They are much easier to wear than the full sleeve braces. I wish you had something for the wrist or hands.


I guess I was expecting more. Still have pain when wearing these just not as severe but definitely still in pain. They also irritate the back of my knees.

Hi Patty, thanks sharing your experience so far. While many people experience immediate relief from wearing itBandz, with others it can take longer for the soft tissue to heal and feel better. I hope you stick with itBandz a bit longer and find greater relief!

I had surgery on my meniscus about 3 months ago - this little band is great - back at the gym - no pain - it is great!!!

Love mine!

ItBandz is working great for my knee that is bone on bone with arthritis and a surgery for torn meniscus. Wasn’t able to do stairs or Jazzercise without it. Love how it stays put! Very pleased!

It has helped.

It stays put vs. a knee brace that rolls up and does not stay put. Thank you.

I was doubtful, but I do think it helps

I was doubtful, but I do think it helps when I play golf and ski. I have had meniscus surgery in one knee and I think this band reduces the pain when skiing and golf.


Works well for 4-5 hours and then become annoying behind knee

Do seem to help

I think they help but they need to do something about the scratchy part of the velcro strap irritating the back of the knee.

Perfect for horse time

These bands stay in place without restricting motion, whether I'm walking/jogging in sand with my horses in the arena, or riding bareback or with saddle. I tore my MCL badly, more than 2 years ago, and had to use big braces during the long slow recovery period of 18+ months. The itbandz have been perfect for providing just the right amount of physical support and kinetic awareness to help me stop the cycle of re-injury. I've been able to do the barn chores, hike, and even jog a little, since I got them. I have washed them in a lingerie bag on delicate and air-dried them and that works well. I'm about to order another pair so I don't have to use my horsey ones at the office. ;-)

It bandz

This is my second pair of it bandz. I lost weight after I was able to walk better and needed a smaller set! They are very effective! Love having my freedom back

Itz Band works

I am currently awaiting surgery for a torn meniscus and floating cartilage. My knee either locked or gave out for the past few months. I ordered Itzband and it came very quickly. Since wearing Itzband my knee has been much more stable. I would highly recommend it!


This really helps my knees! It works so much better then the regular knee sleeve!

Second time purchase

We have ordered these bands twice. They help meniscus problems better than any brace we have tried. Not expensive, comfortable, and best of all they really work. My husband wouldn’t play golf without his.

It worked

I was skeptical but the reviews convinced me to try. The band is helping the tendonitis heal and eases the arthritis on stairs.

active older adult who loves to train her dogs

I do a lot of dog training and dog agility training. I can go all day, run my usual 6 to 8 agility courses and still not have any pain. I did away with my bulky knee braces and I can run and walk without pain.

ItBandz is IT!!

This is the answer for me to be able to walk/stand for several hours! Without my Itbandz, I am in pain in a short time.

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