Off to teach in my wildest pants@! I never do a workout without my itBandz on to support my knee. Black is my color of the day.

Fitness Instructor, Nevada, 60

Simply amazing. I have one bad knee that was so painful that I pretty much stopped hiking, but found with the itBandz on, my knee has the support it needs.

Avid Hiker, Alberta, 57

My knees did not agree with me, but these bands have totally helped with my running and biking! I love them and will probably use them forever!

Triathlete, Florida, 34

I love this product. It gives me just the right support for my somewhat wonky knee. I would highly recommend it for all.

Active Retiree, Washington, 71

Very happy with my itBandz purchase! Used it for the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

Half Marathoner, Washington, 52

Knee pain used to keep me from walking my dog, but now when he looks at me and wags his tail I am ready to go!

Dog Lover, Oregon, 43

Wearing itBandz has allowed me to continue my kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do training, at a time when I thought I might have to stop pursuing my passion.

Black Belt, Washington, 48

My knee was really hurting when I played basketball so my mom had me try itBandz and this is good!

Club Basketball, Arizona, 14

I was extremely skeptical that itBandz would help with the arthritis in my knees, now I’ve gone 8 months without a cortisone shot!

Travel Enthusiast, New York, 78

I wear them every time I go out running and they give me the perfect amount of extra support I need for my knees!

Warrior, Washington, 31

itBandz Reviews

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itBandz Knee Brace
Carol St. John

I have tried them but my knee pain is not any better. I was hoping!

Great knee support

I wear mine every day and found they give me the knee support I need. I bought two for both knees. However one of the Velcro straps does not stay fastened. Just purchase them in May. I’m on the edge if I wasn’t to spend another $35 for replacement.


It seems to help some. I am more able to stay on my feet longer. I will need to continue to wear it to make sure it is going to work as well as I hope it will.

itBandz Knee Brace
Angela Gray
Improved walking

I had my doubts on this product but I ordered any way. I am so glad I did. My daily life was suffering severely and this includes my job but I ordered and started wearing them and what a difference. I had fallen 2 different times three years apart but each time I did damage to my knee and leg. I have osteoarthritis and cannot put any direct pressure like kneeling on my knees. I have not been to a doctor for them to tell me exactly what is wrong because I fear they will tell me surgery. When I started wearing these Ibandz I felt such relief. My pain when walking has reduced by half. It’s not completely gone and I still have to watch how I turn my knee but my walking has greatly improved and for that I say 5 stars and take the chance with this product


So easy to put on compared to others I have tried and very comfortable. I will probably get a second pair. My knee’s don’t hurt going up and down stairs and walking around places like the zoo while I’m wearing these. Without them stairs are agony!

itBandz Knee Brace
Suzanne Cornman
Definitely recommend!

I have 4 different itbandz and I keep one in my purse at all times. They have helped me greatly with my knee issues!

No pain

I've been wearing my band prophylactically, to prevent my knee pain, so with my knee exercises and the band, I'm experiencing no pain whatsoever.

itBandz Knee Brace
Cari D Katrine
These actually work!!

I have tried plenty of knee braces in the past so I was very doubtful these would work. I have arthritis and bone on bone in both knees. As soon as I got the bands, I put them on. Not sure how or why but, they totally worked. It’s been 1 month and I am totally satisfied with these. Some days I have no pain. Other days I have some but it isn’t enough to make me just want to sit all day. I can still walk comfortably. If my pain was a 10 without the it bandz, on a bad day wearing the it bandz, my pain is a 5. These are so much better then wearing a full sleeve brace. I love these and can’t say enough good things about them.

itBandz Knee Brace
Brenda Annisette
Excellent knee support

It works!!


Great piece for my patella tendon. Keeps it stabilized for regular walking and sports.

itBandz Knee Brace
Sue Wilhelm
Not sure if they're helping

I've been wearing these every day for a few weeks now--but I really haven't had any pain relief yet--I'm going to keep using them for a few more weeks and see if they start helping--I'm glad they have a money back guarantee--that makes me feel confident that I will get refunded if they don't work out.

Hi Sue, thanks for the update! Many people experience immediate relief wearing itBandz but for others it can take longer for knees to recover and feel better. Please feel comfortable about using the full 90-day guarantee period. If itBandz don't work for you, we will absolutely refund your purchase. Fingers crossed you get pain relief soon!!

itBandz Knee Brace
julie moylen
Recommend highly

I have tried many knee braces and for me these were the best by far. The bands are comfortable and undetectable under my pants. The bands have reduced my discomfort when exercising and walking. Will be ordering more of them.

itBandz Knee Brace
Peter Mazza

works like a charm, but pinches a bit under the leg.where the strap overlaps

itBandz Knee Brace
Katashi Yamamoto
Could be more comfortable.

More padding and wider straps.

itBandz Knee Brace
Diane Cicero

itBandz Knee Brace

itBandz Knee Brace
Chad freeman
It helps.

Had a minor knee strain injury that caused a lot of discomfort after a day at work and was told it would probably last months. After a few weeks of wearing band at work (electrician) and while walking with/ chasing my kids the pain has decreased a lot. I only wear it at work now.

Great product.. helps to stabilize knee

itBandz Knee Brace
Cynthia Remacle
It’s helping.

It keeps getting better. I can walk pain free for the first time in months. Fits well and is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it.

itBandz Knee Brace
Jacqueline suggs
It Works!

Loving these bands am am glad I purchased 2 of them. My knee no longer pops out, 99% of the time. Wearing this band has boosted my confidence when I am walking on treadmill or for exercise. I highly recommend it!

itBandz Knee Brace
Frances Barkey
Needed knee support for tennis.

I was very surprised that these two narrow itBandz really worked. I generally wear a elastic sleeve and found these itBandz to be much more comfortable. Yes, I definitely would recommend them.

Great Agility help

For the last 20+ years I have used several supports and knee braces when I run my dogs in agility. These are by far the easiest and simplest to use. But most importantly they are the only ones that work, period. I put them on in the morning and don't take them off until bed. I can walk more freely and without pain.

itBandz Knee Brace
Nora Eldridge
itBanddz knee braces are great!

These knee braces have done the trick for me! Years of hiking and mountain climbing caught up to me, and simple walking was difficult, due to the lateral motion of my knees. These give me all the support that I need, and have restored my confident and firm stride.

itBandz Knee Brace
Dianne Mefert
Great Item

It’s so nice to have a thin band that takes care of the pain in my knee. I use to wear a brace that covered my knee almost to my ankle. It was so hot when the weather got warm. I didn’t realize that I could get the same support from a band that’s smaller and thinner. A great great product! Thank you it bands knee support!

itBandz Knee Brace
ileane Maxwell
The best!

I fell and hurt tore medial and lateral meniscus 2 years ago and they didn’t want to do surgery. I also messed up the nerves in my knee. After using many knee braces, I found Ibandz and they are the only thing that has helped me. I have to wear mine daily or else I simply cannot walk without a limp

My problem is my right knee buckles. I have 4 bulky braces that have not really helped. When I saw the itBandz I thought why not?? I purchased 2 and have been pleasantly surprised how much the bandz has helped with stability. After costly braces this one has given me the most satisfaction. It has not cured my wonky knee but I feel a satisfaction wearing it.

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