Off to teach in my wildest pants@! I never do a workout without my itBandz on to support my knee. Black is my color of the day.

Fitness Instructor, Nevada, 60

Simply amazing. I have one bad knee that was so painful that I pretty much stopped hiking, but found with the itBandz on, my knee has the support it needs.

Avid Hiker, Alberta, 57

My knees did not agree with me, but these bands have totally helped with my running and biking! I love them and will probably use them forever!

Triathlete, Florida, 34

I love this product. It gives me just the right support for my somewhat wonky knee. I would highly recommend it for all.

Active Retiree, Washington, 71

Very happy with my itBandz purchase! Used it for the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon.

Half Marathoner, Washington, 52

Knee pain used to keep me from walking my dog, but now when he looks at me and wags his tail I am ready to go!

Dog Lover, Oregon, 43

Wearing itBandz has allowed me to continue my kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do training, at a time when I thought I might have to stop pursuing my passion.

Black Belt, Washington, 48

My knee was really hurting when I played basketball so my mom had me try itBandz and this is good!

Club Basketball, Arizona, 14

I was extremely skeptical that itBandz would help with the arthritis in my knees, now I’ve gone 8 months without a cortisone shot!

Travel Enthusiast, New York, 78

I wear them every time I go out running and they give me the perfect amount of extra support I need for my knees!

Warrior, Washington, 31

itBandz Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Nice bands

I have tried other bands, somewhat because I want to keep my achy knee from getting an worse. I like these bands because of the "bump" that is intended to hold pressure in the right place. Tobe honest, I'm not sure if the bands are really helping but I don't think it can hurt to wear them on long mountain runs of 20+ miles. My only negative is that the hard plastic piece through which the strap passes can cause some bruising. (I bruise very easily. The bruising doesn't hurt but looks ugly.)

Jury’s still out

I suffer from a torn meniscus and arthritis. I’ve been wearing itBandz regularly. I seem to be noticing a little less pain now after a couple weeks. Hoping for better results.

Hi Lisa, thanks for posting your experience so far! I hope you stick with itBandz a bit longer. Our research shows that 80% of itBandz customers experience moderate to significant relief within 30 days and that nearly 100% of our customers experience significant relief in 60 days. We give you 90 days total to try itBandz so that you won't feel rushed. :) :) :) Thank you!
Works good

Only wore a few days. No complaints

Very helpful

Ease a lot of my knee pain, especially when worn while jogging.

Saved my knees

I’ve had terrible knees for years, to the point where I was told I may need a knee replacement. My aunt recommended I try itBandz, which I initially was hesitant to do. Once I tried them I could do all the excersises that used to cause me excruciating pain! These bands changed my ability to work out, highly recommend!!!


It’s great!!!

Bought these for my son

I already have a pair of Itbandz and I love them. I wanted my son to have the full benefit of knowing how much they could help him so I ordered these for him. He has problems with both of his knees and these make a great difference in his mobility.

Love this!!

I absolutely love my ItBand! Can’t even feel it when it’s on and super comfortable. No pain since my knee surgery and my kneecap feels supported perfectly. Thinking about getting the blue one too....

Good support they help alot

Awesome bands!!

Bought 2 bands in preparation for a week long vacation that would be filled with a huge amount of walking, which I knew would be nearly impossible with osteoarthritis in both of my knees. I wore the bands every day, and was quite impressed with the level of comfort and support. No, they did not magically cure my knee pain, but I was very satisfied with the reduction in the amount of pain and swelling I experienced. I whole-heartedly believe that I would have never made it through all the fun without my itBandz!

This really help some of the pain in my knee.

Love them

I have been using the itBandz for about 2 weeks.
I love them I don’t have the bone grinding feeling going up and down stairs anymore. Also don’t have the shifting of my knee cap. I would recommend this item to anyone with various knee problems!

Pleasantly surprised

I've got some pain in my left knee due to arthritis, especially during my morning workouts. Saw a few people on Facebook commenting how the band helped them. Decided to try it out and was pleasantly surprised how this simple, yet very effective band was able to help me reduce the pain in my knee.

Sleek knee brace and it works!

I've used other knee braces in the past but stopped using them because they were bulky uncomfortable. This one is not!

re: it bands

They really do help. I'm amazed!!

Very helpful!

I purchased ItBandz braces 2 weeks ago and I must say they are helping me gradually! Once I understood you didn't have to have them super tight, just comfortable under the knee, it has helped with my walking and my achy knees, I can feel the difference in pain level, but somedays I do notice as weather changes etc..but for the most part they are a great product and recommended them highly! Very satisfied customer!

It Works!

I can finally walk with minimal to no pain. I have arthritis in both knees, and one knee had arthroscopic surgery for two large tears in the meniscus. These bands are a God-send.

So far so good

I've been wearing the itBandz for about 10 days. So far it seems to be supporting my knee and doing it with light support. It is comfortable and easy to wear. I recently had a gel shot in my knee that has bone on bone issues. So far I feel a lot better. Hopefully this continues.

I have had no success with the apparatus. I bought it because the advertisement said will help even bone on bone knee pain which I have but that’s not true. I still have the pain with no amount of alleviation.

Hello Eria, Sorry to hear that itBandz have not helped you yet. While many people who are bone on bone experience immediate relief, it may take 30 to 45 days before the soft tissue has healed and the knees feel better. I want to double check with you to make sure that you are wearing itBandz correctly with the 'bump' centered below the kneecap and facing up so that it lifts the kneecap. I hope you give itBandz a little more time! Thanks!

itBandz V2.0

Torn meniscus

Unfortunately this did not help me.

Hi Donna, sorry to hear that itBandz have not helped you yet. While many people experience immediate relief, it may take 30 to 45 days before the soft tissue has healed and feels better. I want to double check with you to make sure that you are wearing itBandz correctly with the 'bump' centered below the kneecap and facing up so that it lifts the kneecap and offloads the meniscus. I hope you give itBandz a little more time! Thanks!

I never leave reviews unless I hate or live a product and I love this! I had meniscus surgery in May and have worsening arthritis in the same knee at only 32 years old. I was having trouble just walking down the stairs, but with this product in I’ve been able to get back to my high intensity workouts without any pain.

Very satisfied.

It took about 1 1/2 weeks for the "bandz" to kick in on my knees. I could feel them improve each passing day. I love it. I can finally walk at a normal pace and no limping. I highly recommend this product and have to my friends with knee problems.

It has helped me regain some confidence in walking downhills and walking further.

IT Bandz

Great product . Works great on IT Band Pain

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