3 Smoking Hot Tips for Your Next Summer Run

As summer starts to heat up, hot runs are almost inevitable. But don't hide from the sun and humidity. Running through summer doesn't have to leave you feeling wilted and the heat doesn't necessarily need to keep you from running altogether. Sure, spring or fall wins for the best time of the year to get your runs in, but summer still has its benefits! The days are longer so you have more sunshine to get your run in during a busy day, and there are definitely some perks to running in the sunshine! 

We've rounded up 3 ways for you to still get all the benefits of your summer run without getting too toasty.

Say Hello to Hydration

Ready for the burning truth? You can actually lose up to 3% of your body weight because of dehydration as you're running. When you run in the hot sun, you  sweat more, which means you must hydrate more. Even very mild dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and anxiety. It is recommended to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water every day and more if you are running and exercising. Also, try drinking eight ounces of H2O about 20 minutes before your summer run and then eight ounces more every 15 minutes during your run. 

Choose the Coolest Time of Day

Wondering what the best time of the day to run? Just at sunrise. Not only is this the coolest part of the day to avoid heating up too much, but your body's core temperature is at its lowest right when you wake up. If rising and running doesn't work best for your schedule, try getting your summer run in as late in the day as possible. Here's a hot tip for you: the hottest part of the day is typically between 3pm and 5pm.


Get Down & Dirty in the Dirt

Asphalt and concrete generally radiate lots of heat and reflect the hot sun's rays. Avoid the sidewalk and street and take your run to the dirt or gravel instead!

Don't let the summer heat stop you from running. Use these tips before your next sweat session to stay strong and cool out there! Running can be hard on your knees if you don't take preventative precautions. itBandz are low profile knee braces that provide targeted support and are comfortable to wear. They won't get sweaty and stinky after your hot summer runs. Try itBandz knee braces today, we offer a 90 day guarantee to stop your knee pain! 

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