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4 Unexpected Causes of Knee Pain that itBandz Knee Braces Can Help

It's true that itBandz are great for runners and serious athletes. But runners and athletes aren't the only people who struggle with knee pain, and they aren't the only people that itBandz can help. If you have knee pain caused by prolonged activity, itBandz can help you become more active and mobile.

Here are 4 activities that are easier and safer with itBandz knee braces.


Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind, but it can also be tough on sore knees. With itBandz, knee pain won't stop you from aligning your chakras. Wearing itBandz to class will help you feel safe and secure as you follow even the most advanced yoga flow.


As we age, it can be tough to keep up with all of our favorite hobbies. If you have a green thumb, gardeners knees are a serious nuisance that can make it difficult to spend time with your plants. itBandz are great for gardeners because they provide padding that can reduce the knee pain that comes with spending long hours crouched among the flowerbeds.

Taking the Stairs

We all know that taking the stairs is an easy way to increase our activity levels and stay in shape, even if we're sitting at a desk the rest of the day. But this level of simple exercise can be incredibly difficult if you suffer from knee pain. If increased mobility is your goal, itBandz knee braces are a great solution! 


Photographers spend a lot of time on their feet. If you've ever taken up this artform (as a profession or as a hobby), you know that good photography can often be physically demanding. Whether you're hiking uphill to capture the sunset or crouched down to snap a few pics of the kids, your photography skills are seriously dependent on your mobility. itBandz knee braces are a wonderful tool for the professional (or amateur) photographer who always wants to get the best angle.  


Buy itBandz Knee Braces today and stop your knee pain! 

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