Avoid These 5 Running Mistakes at All Costs

I love running. I like to think of running as a journey, becoming the runner we strive to be doesn't just happen overnight. Over time there can be many mistakes and lessons that help us to improve, grow and realize our full potential. Running mistakes can be easy to make and may result in a serious injury, wasted time and lack of results. You deserve to see all your hard work result in some amazing changes.

Become the best runner you can be by avoiding these common running mistakes.

Too much rotation.

If you take steps when running that stretch beyond your natural running motion, it can trigger excessive rotation, which happens when the pelvis and spine move too far in one direction. Swinging your arms too far or too hard could also misalign the spine. 

Going too hard, too fast.

One of the most common running mistakes is revving up your mileage or your speed too quickly. Don't do too much too fast and end up on the sidelines. Increase your mileage and intensity gradually and take at least one day off from exercise each week to give your muscles and bones enough time to recover. Always pay attention to any aches or pains and listen to your body for injury warning signs. Don't ever feel like you have to run through the pain. 

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Running is all you do. If you set out on a new training regimen, you need to mix it up. If you don't incorporate cross training or strength training, an overuse injury or weakened performance could be the outcome.

You don't warm-up.We've all been guilty of it, trying to save some time by skipping your warm-up and jumping straight into your workout. Not warming up properly or at all could lead to an injury.

Wearing the wrong shoes. It can be so tempting to pick a pair of shoes at the shoe store that look the cutest. But if your running shoes are too old or don't provide enough support, a running injury is almost inevitable. The right running shoe makes a HUGE difference. Not sure what is best for your feet? Talk to a professional at a fitness store. Explain how far you plan to run, on what terrain and any foot pain issues you may have. And always remember this rule of thumb: replace your running shoes anywhere from 350 to 550 miles. 

Are you guilty of making any of these running mistakes? Don't sabotage your run and break your bad running habits starting now!

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