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How to Dress for Running in the Rain

We're well into winter and instead of snow, many of us seem to be getting an abundance of rain! But unusual weather shouldn't stop you from achieving your running goals this season. Trust me, I would know about running in rain. Living in Seattle, I know a thing or two about running in rain. In fact, most of my runs seem to take place in some degree of rainy weather - so I would consider myself an expert! But I also know that not everyone is lucky enough to live in beautiful, rainy Seattle - which is why I'm sharing my top three tips for running in the rain with all of the runners who are used to a little more sunshine. 

Dress Properly
What you wear to your workout is always important, but even more so in bad weather! When you'e running in the rain, proper dress is crucial. I always wear a couple of easily-discarded layers when the weather is dreary. A good, technical fabric like polypropylene is best as a base, because it will keep you nice and dry without overheating. A lightweight, water-resistant windbreaker is also a must! I also recommend a brimmed hat or visor to keep the water out of your eyes. 

Stay Visible

Running in the rain always carries more risk than running on a dry, sunny day. It's dark and gloomy out, which means that it's even more important than usual to be visible. Make sure you're wearing reflective gear and bright colors that can be seen even in the worst weather!

Have Fun
If you're not from Seattle, running in the rain might seem kind of intimidating. But rainy runs can actually be the most fun, dynamic workout ever! Once you're prepared with all the right gear, my biggest advice is to just enjoy the run. It's not very often that adults get to splash in puddles like little kids, but running in the rain is the perfect excuse to start enjoying even the worst weather.

Now that you're prepared for the rain with my top tips, get out there and get running. If knee pain or runners knee is a problem for you, wear itBandz knee braces to stop your knee pain! 

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