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itBandz Knee Braces Provide Support for Expectant and New Moms

There are many strange things that happen to our bodies when we are pregnant: Heartburn may become a constant companion, our foot size may change forever, and we may never pee the same again. I was aware of these possibilities but what I didn’t know is that being pregnant would also impact my knees!   

 Expectant and new moms’ knees get a double whammy during and after pregnancy. The first blow is caused by a hormone called relaxin that is released while pregnant. This hormone is key for the birthing process as it helps the pelvis and hip joints get loose and flexible so that when it comes time to push, our bodies can make room for our babies to enter the world. Relaxin doesn’t stop with the pelvis and hips; it causes all the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in our body to relax which impacts all joints including knees. At the same time our knees are getting looser and less stable, they have to support more of us and our growing baby who is along for the ride. This is where our knees are dealt their second blow; every extra pound we carry places an additional four pounds of pressure on our weakening knees. 

Today’s moms are not staying home, sitting on the couch, and taking it easy during our 40 weeks of pregnancy. We are determined to stay active, fit, and maintain our exercise and workout programs throughout pregnancy and after our baby arrives. Knee pain and loosening knees can make it much harder to accomplish the fitness routines that are so important to a healthy pregnancy and a rapid return to pre-pregnancy weight. itBandz knee braces provide expectant and new moms with the knee support needed during this important time. itBandz knee braces are bio-engineered to provide focused support and stability while offloading the knee joint. itBandz are a low-profile knee brace making them comfortable and easy to wear. They are worn snug, but not overly tight so there is no danger of impacting circulation. 

 “I gave up many of my favorite things while I was pregnant: coffee, wine, and good sleep. Thanks to itBandz, one of the things I didn’t have to give up was my workout.”  Hannah R.

If you are a pregnant mom – or your knees are hurting or feeling unstable for any reason – give itBandz knee braces a try! Order two or more itBandz and get a 10% discount + free shipping when you place your order here! itBandz come with a 90-Day Guarantee, we offer a full refund if itBandz don't help alleviate your knee pain. That is how confident we are that we can help keep you moving pain-free! 

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