lose weight to stop knee pain

Stop Knee Pain to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Wait a minute! How can itBandz Knee Braces possibly help someone lose weight??? itBandz aren't a diet, or an exercise program, or the latest in weight loss fads so how can this be true?

Instead of us telling you how this could be true, we'd like to share an email we received last month from a customer.

 "I have arthritis in both knees and a torn meniscus on the left. That left knee goes out on me, locks up, and gives me great pain. As I mentioned earlier, I have purchased many knee braces. You name it, if they say they will help with knee pain I have purchased it but sadly nothing would really work very well. One day I was at the doctor's office reading a magazine and I saw the itBandz in the magazine and figured I'd give them a try. When I got home and went online I thought they would not work very well because they were not expensive. I also said "What do I have to lose?" and I purchased one. From the moment that I wore it I could not believe how much better my knee felt. I told everyone! Some friends laughed because when you look at it, it's so unconventional and as a knee brace, it's a first. I was so happy that I purchased a second one for the other knee. I went to to see my kids and left them by accident where I stayed. When I realized that, it was like leaving my cell phone, seriously!

I'm about 90 lbs overweight at the moment. I'm 53 and have a goal to lose it in the next year and a half. I do a lot of walking at the beach but in all honesty, without my itbandz I've had to stop the walking because of the pain and fear of making my knee worse.

You have an amazing product! It's practical, affordable, and another important fact is that I have big thighs and every single brace curls or slips down. Not my itBandz. They stayed in place and I never needed to adjust them or pull them up." Elizabeth J. from Florida.

 The answer to maintaining a weight and fitness level that you desire is being able to stay active and do the things you love to do. Whether this is your daily walk on the beach like Elizabeth, hiking, or going to the gym; when chronic knee pain is a part of our daily lives all of these become increasingly difficult. We've been there and maybe you are there as well. If so, please give itBandz a try.

Order two or more itBandz and get a 10% discount + free shipping when you place your order here! itBandz come with a 90-Day Guarantee, we offer a full refund if itBandz don't alleviate your knee pain. That is how confident we are that we can help keep you moving pain free! 

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