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Moms On The Run: 3 Tips for Busy Moms

Moms on the run: it's nonstop and sometimes feels like there is no time to myself to get a shower in let alone a run.  As a mom, I find it difficult to find time to exercise and get my running in. If you're a busy mom too you understand that finding time for a run can be quite the challenge. The easy part is finding so many excuses to NOT workout. Until now!  

For all the busy moms on the run out there, here are 3 awesomely effective tips to ensure you can get out there and run like a mother!

Like Nike, Just Do It

Don't think too much about it and just get out there and go run. Try an early morning run before the hectic day begins. To make it easier to just do it, lay out your clothes the night before or even try sleeping in them. Have water and that pre-run banana ready to grab and when your alarm goes off, don't think, just go! Early morning runs are an awesome way to start your day.

Run With Your Kids

Why not incorporate your kids into your runs? If they are young, invest in a jogging stroller. Or for older kids, have them ride their bikes in front of you while you run behind. Or go to the track or a nearby park and play a sport or game that involves running around for an hour or so. It will be a win-win, you'll get your running in and tire the kids out at the same time!

Run at the Gym

Find a gym that has childcare if you don't mind running on a treadmill indoors. The gym may be the best thing for you if you're a busy mom on the go. You can run, take classes, lift weights or even sit in the sauna while your kids are playing in daycare. Need some accountability? Set a day and time each week to meet a friend at the gym or sign up for a class. Moms on the run, you understand that taking the time you need for yourself is extremely hard---especially with young kids or babies. Don't feel guilty about taking the time to run. Running makes you a better mom, it helps you have an outlet to refresh, recharge and stay healthy for YOU and your kids.

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