personal trainers endorse itbandz knee braces

Personal Trainers Knee Brace Recommendation

Help is here for people who have osteoarthritis caused knee pain!

I have a good friend named Andrea and she’s a personal trainer at a local gym. Several of her clients are seniors that suffer from knee pain. One of her clients, Ron, has osteoarthritis and he’s suffered from knee pain for several years. Andrea told him about itBandz, and even though he was skeptical they would help, he decided to give them a try anyway. 

When she saw him the following week he said he didn’t notice a difference in his knee pain. She encouraged him to give it more time, so he agreed to keep wearing his itBandz. 

Andrea told me Ron is normally a pretty subdued guy, but after wearing itBandz for another week he came in for his training session excited to give her an update. He told her he volunteers at his church for several hours every Sunday, and normally he has to sit down frequently because of his knee pain. That past Sunday, however, Ron had very little knee pain. He said he volunteered for 5 hours straight and he didn’t need to sit down even once during that time!

Ron has been wearing itBandz for a couple of months now and he’s still doing great. Ron’s experience made a believer out of Andrea, and she’s been telling her other clients about itBandz too. Just the other day she told me another one of her clients has had great success wearing itBandz. Go itBandz!

Could itBandz help you too? You won’t know until you give them a try. So what are you waiting for? Order two or more itBandz and get a 10% discount + free shipping when you place your order here!  itBandz come with a 90-Day Guarantee, get a full refund if itBandz don't alleviate your knee pain. That is how confident we are that we can help keep you moving pain free! 

Give itBandz a try and let us know how it goes!

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