• 13 Need to Know Knee Facts

    13 Need to Know Knee Facts

    The knees. You/ve heard of the bee's knees, being weak in the knees and knee-jerk reactions, but there's a whole lot more to the knees than a few sayings. We've rounded up some knee facts you may have not known before. 13 Knee Facts You Need to Know There are four major bones in the knee, the femur, the tibia, the fibula and the...
  • What it Means to Be Fit Over 50

    What it Means to Be Fit Over 50

    Staying fit after 50 isn't as simple as it used to be, but it is the key to healthy aging. Not only is it great for your body, but it's good for your mood, mind and memory. Many assume that they are too old, too tired or too out of shape to exercise so they avoid it completely. But they're wrong. The real danger...
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