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Kiss Your Knee Pain Goodbye with These Don's and Don'ts

Is knee pain ruining your health goals or just hindering you from going about your day-to-day activities? Simply changing your approach to how you move can add years and miles to these well-used joints, our knees. Sadly, knee pain is an all-too common problem plaguing both young and old alike. Our knees take a beating. Over time, that spongy cartilage that provides a comfortable cushion in our knees often just wears out, producing pain and chronic stiffness.

No more letting knee pain win. Follow these dos and don'ts from itBandz to fight back and reclaim your health and life!

Don't overload on rest

While rest may seem like your best option to combat knee pain, too much of it can actually weaken your muscles which can exasperate joint pain. Talk with your doctor about an exercise program you can stick with that is safe on your knees.

Don't let knee pain slow you down from running or living the life you want to live. Wear itBandz knee braces and head out with confidence and without knee pain!

Do maintain a healthy weight

Stay at a healthy weight to ward off knee pain. For every extra pound you have an extra 4 pounds of pressure on your knees as you walk around or go up and down the stairs. Small changes in weight can make a HUGE difference in eliminating knee pain!

Don't wear the wrong shoes

If you are wearing shoes constantly that do not provide proper support, you could be doing some serious damage to your knees. Instead, invest in some shoes with cushioned insoles to reduce stress on your knees

Do work your inner thighs

When your inner thigh muscles (hip abductor muscles) are strong, they help to absorb stress while you walk so you aren't putting added stress on your knees. One easy way to start: squeeze your knees together whenever you're sitting down.


What are itBandz knee braces and how can they help my knee pain?

itBandz knee braces are a low profile knee brace that is made to support and stabilize the knee for people who suffer from chronic knee pain. itBandz are comfortable, easy to wear, and effective. We offer a 90 day guarantee and will refund your purchase if itBandz don't help alleviate your knee pain
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