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Thinking About A Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement surgery has become one of the most common surgeries today with over 600,000 of these surgeries performed a year. Regardless of how mainstream this surgery has become, it is still daunting to consider. Beyond the actual surgery itself, there are many factors that need to be taken into account: the cost and downtime related to the surgery itself, the recovery program, and the potential of replacement at some point in the future.

One of the primary reasons people seek knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis. This arthritis causes tremendous knee pain experienced during simple, daily activities such as going up or down stairs, getting up from a chair, driving, or doing weekly activities like grocery shopping. The increase in pain and decrease in activity result in a vicious cycle that is discouraging and frustrating.

More and more itBandz customers are wearing the itBandz patella knee brace to decrease their pain and delay the point where they must go in for a knee replacement surgery. Here is a customer quote from Lorine that was shared on the itBandz Facebook page:

"I also saw the Evening Magazine news segment. And was of course skeptical. BUT! These things are amazing!!

I have had to get cortisone shots, my knee pain was so bad. But the doc says I am too young to get a replacement! Now I think I can go a lot longer without one. I have resumed my hiking, and I can go for long drives in the car now also! Most days, no pain at all! I don't even need to take pain pills anymore. I hate taking them!

I HIGHLY recommend It Bandz! I have even endorsed it to my friends and family. If you have knee pain, give it a try! You won't be sorry........." 

Its okay to be skeptical, we love skepticism! So how do itBandz help stop pain and delay knee replacement? The result of osteoarthritis is the breakdown of the cartilage between the knee and the bone joints. Without this cushion, the joint becomes painful and inflamed. Shooting pains are common as is low-level chronic pain. The internal support piece of itBandz is specially designed to cushion the knee by offloading the meniscus so that it acts as an extra shock absorber. In addition to this and the stability the band provides, they are small and comfortable to wear. No bulky knee brace means that you can wear it throughout the day and not be bothered by it.

If you are a candidate for a knee replacement but aren't quite ready for it yet, give itBandz a try!  Order two or more itBandz and get a 10% discount + free shipping when you place your order here!  itBandz come with a 90-Day Guarantee, we offer a full refund if itBandz don't alleviate your knee pain. That is how confident we are that we can help keep you moving pain free! 

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