If we don’t answer your question here, please send an email to support@itbandz.com. We love to answer questions about knees and itBandz!

General FAQs

If we don’t answer your question here, please send an email to support@itbandz.com. We love to answer questions about knees and itBandz!

itBandz are low profile knee braces that are worn below the kneecap to support and stabilize the knee. These knee braces are smaller than other braces and provide targeted support for the knee. This category of knee braces is often referred to as patella knee bands or patella knee straps.
Anyone with knee pain should give itBandz a try! They are for women, men and youth who suffer from a variety of knee issues and/or previous injuries. Please see our Pain Relief page for more details.
itBandz are particularly good at supporting your knees during activities that involve repetitive high impact to your knees. Some examples of this include jumping, running, hiking, soccer and basketball.
itBandz stabilize and support the knee to provide an optimal solution for knee pain that is comfortable and easy to wear.
itBandz help the knee to track properly like a hinge and also act as an additional shock absorber for the knee to protect soft tissue in the area.
itBandz can help with knee pain related to osteoarthritis (bone on bone), meniscus and ACL issues, Osgood-Schlatter's, Baker’s Cysts, and more. Please see our Pain Relief page for detailed information.
If you are worried that an activity you participate in may damage your knees, then wear itBandz to provide extra support and stability that will protect your knees and could help prevent injury.
itBandz can be worn all day, especially in the case where they are worn to relieve knee pain from arthritis. However, please remove itBandz at night.
The strap below the knee stabilizes the tendons and ligaments in the area to help the knee track properly and stay in alignment with the joint. The internal support structure of itBandz mirrors the natural support structure of the knee to offload the meniscus and provide an additional shock absorber for the knee.
Yes! Physical therapists support wearing itBandz as you do your exercises to rebuild muscle in the area. This prevents damage while you are rehabbing and allows you to be active as you build back to 100%.
If you have two “bad knees” then you should absolutely wear itBandz on both knees. More and more customers are choosing to wear itBandz on their “bad knee” and on their “good knee” as a preventative strategy.

Product FAQs

Learn more about itBandz and how they can stop knee pain.

itBandz are designed to not only provide optimal pain relief, but also to stay in place and feel comfortable while you wear them. If a brace is bulky or causes discomfort, then it won’t be worn after the first few times.
The internal support piece is designed to mirror the natural anatomy of the knee. The tension from the band against the support piece causes it to give the kneecap a gentle lift so that it acts as an extra shock absorber for the knee.
itBandz should be worn snug but not overly tight; you shouldn’t be able to look down and see gaps in the front of the band. It is easy to reach down and adjust the band as you wear it should you desire more tension and support.
itBandz provide focused support and stability for the knee and are comfortable and easy to wear.
Nope. itBandz can be worn on either knee.
itBandz are made from a special non-slip neoprene that is often used with wetsuits.
itBandz are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large sizes as measured by the circumference below the knee.
Measure the circumference below your knee if you aren’t sure what size you need. Small 9” to 12”; Medium; 12” to 16”; Large 16” to 20”; Extra-Large 20” to 25”.
The style only affects how itBandz look, not how they function.

Purchase FAQs

Great customer support is important to us at itBandz! Here is how we make sure you have the best possible experience with your itBandz.

Today you can purchase itBandz directly from this online store.
Yes! We provide a 25% discount when you buy two or more itBandz.
We will exchange your itBandz to get you the correct size. Please use the link in the footer of the website "Size Exchanges and Returns" to go to our shipping portal. You will need your order number and zip code to generate a paid shipping label. Please include a note to let us know the new size you would like sent to in exchange.
Yes, our online purchasing system is protected by SSL certificates and the latest in anti-spam and security software.
We ship anywhere in the 50 United States, including PO Boxes, via USPS First Class Shipping. We offer free shipping for orders of 2 or more bands. In stock items are shipped within 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays). We ship from Washington State; depending on your location it can take 2-5 business days to any state in the USA. Please double-check your order information as we have an automated shipping process and will not be liable for incorrect or incomplete address entries.
itBandz come with six month warranty. Please contact us for any issues you have and we will gladly take care of it for you.
We offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all itBandz ordered on itBandz.com. If you would like to return your itBandz, please use the link provided in our "Size Exchange and Return Policy" to generate a return-shipping label. After we have received your itBandz we will refund the original form of payment. The refund takes 7 to 10 days to process and refunds the purchase price to the credit card used.
Yes! itBandz are registered medical devices with the FDA and qualify as a non-covered medical expense that that can be paid for using pre-tax HSA or FSA accounts. Either purchase itBandz with your HSA/FSA debit card or submit your order receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.
itBandz are shipped from Redmond, WA which is near Seattle, WA.
itBandz don’t get smelly so if you clean them once a week with a sanitizing wipe you will be set.

Wear & Care FAQs

itBandz are easy to wear and easy to care for! Learn more here.

itBandz are worn below the kneecap with the “bump” facing up and centered. The strap should be adjusted so that it feels snug but not overly tight, you shouldn’t be able to look down and see gaps in the front of the band. Please see the video on our home page for a guided explanation for how to wear itBandz.
itBandz are easy to adjust! Simply reach down to tighten or loosen the Velcro strap so that you have the right amount of tension for you!
If you are wearing itBandz with regular street clothes then you will want them under your pants. This is to prevent any loose fabric from bunching beneath itBandz and creating discomfort.
If you are wearing any kind of fitted athletic, yoga, or running pants then please wear itBandz on top of them. This will provide easy access to adjust the strap if needed and will be the most comfortable wearing experience.
The easiest way to clean itBandz is to use a sanitizing wipe. A few quick swipes and your itBandz are ready to go. Hand washing is recommended if you need a more complete cleaning. Don’t throw them in the washing machine as the Velcro can damage other clothing items in the washer. Hang dry or lay flat to dry after hand washing your itBandz.
Keep your itBandz open when they are not on your leg. This will decrease the wear on the velcro. The frequency that you wear your itBandz will determine how long they will last – some customers get a new pair once a year and others only buy their itBandz once. We offer a six month warranty; see the Product FAQs for more information.

Community FAQs

We love our community of active itBanders who embrace life and don’t let knee pain stop them from enjoying the activities they love.

Our itBandz Champions are people who live life with no boundaries and are not held back by their knee pain. They get out and experience, travel, run, walk, Zumba, play, explore, and participate in the activities they love. itBandz Champions are people like you who share their stories so that others who have knee pain can learn how itBandz can help stop knee pain.
Send us your story! We will share it on our website and social media to spread the word about how to stop knee pain. Please fill in the form on our Contact Page or send us an email at support@itbandz.com that includes your name, age, what you do while you are wearing itBandz, your state and a picture of yourself wearing itBandz. We can’t wait to hear your story!
There are thousands of causes of knee pain and by sharing your story, you could help someone in your same situation learn about how to stop their knee pain.
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