Smelly Sports Equipment

Stop Knee Pain AND Smelly Backpacks!

We love to have our kids involved in sports, to watch them play their games and compete.  Regardless of whether it is basketball, lacrosse, football, golf, or any other sport they enjoy, we appreciate that they are active and learning life lessons.  As with many things, there can be a downside to having active, sporty kids. If your little athletes are anything like mine, then you are familiar with the ripe smells that emanate from them. When they were younger, they mostly smelled like dirt, but when they hit their pre-teens and older they are no longer “earthy” in any good sense of the word. 

An unfortunate aspect of their ripe smelling selves is that they transfer that to their gear.  Their aromatic gear gets shoved into backpacks or duffle bags where it continues to ferment until an unlucky mom pulls it out in an attempt to Febreeze it or otherwise lesson the stench.  These smells waft through the car on the way home from practices or exude from the corner of the kitchen to compete with the delicious smells of tonight’s dinner.  Some of the worst offenders include pads of any kind, gloves, athletic shoes, and knee braces. 

Here at itBandz we can’t do anything about football pads, golf gloves, or stinky athletic shoes. However, we can rid you of one common offender:  the knee brace.  In particular, if your kids are wearing a sleeve or compression brace then you are in luck!  itBandz Knee Braces are comfortable, low profile knee braces that provide targeted support to stabilize tendons and ligaments while offloading impact to the kneecap.  itBandz help with a broad range of knee issues experienced by kids including: Osgood-Schlatter’s, Jumper’s Knee, Runner’s Knee, ACL and Meniscus issues, Patellar Tendonitis, and more.  To clean itBandz knee braces, simply give them a quick swipe with an antiseptic wipe and you are all set.

Not only will you be happy but your kids will be too!  Your kids will thank you because itBandz will be the most comfortable brace they ever wear.  You get the added bonus of not having to nag your kids about wearing a knee brace that they don’t like because it’s hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. 

We offer a 90-day guarantee, so if itBandz don’t work for your super star then we will fully refund your purchase.  Go to our website for more information about sizes, how it works, and more customer testimonials like this one:   

“My mom got me some itBandz because when I play basketball my knees really hurt . . . I don’t want to mess around with a knee brace when I’m on the court but I don’t even remember that these are on. Oh yeah. Except for that my knees don’t hurt now.”  Age 15, Cooper B.  

Give itBandz Knee Braces a try to stop knee pain AND smelly backpacks!  Order two or more itBandz and get a 10% discount + free shipping when you place your order here!  itBandz come with a 90-Day Guarantee, we offer a full refund if itBandz don't alleviate your knee pain. That is how confident we are that we can help keep your kids moving pain-free! 

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